Extract 1:200, 400 caps @300 mg - payment by credit card

You can use our payment processor, WorldPay, to make the purchase in 5 minutes. Using WorldPay, the price of 400 caps 300 mg 1:200 extract is 574 euro (631 US dollar at a rate of 1.10). Because WorldPay is a European payment processor, the charge that will appear on a buyers credit card bill will depend on the euro exchange rate applied by the credit card.

The second option for using your credit card is through Western Union (http://www.westernunion.com/). Using Western Union, you can avail of a discount of 20 percent. Thus, the 400 caps 300 mg 1:200 extract cost just 505 US dollar. However, there will be a charge by Western Union (much less than the discount you get), and it will have to be paid by the customer. The full 421 US dollar would have to arrive with us. When you send payment by Western Union, please specify that the currency to transfer and receive is US dollar, not local currency and not euro.

If you want to use Western Union, please contact us through the following email address:

To pay by credit card and use a conventional payment processor (no discount), click the WorldPay button.



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